The Invaders - Official Trailer

When a girl is followed on her way home, she finds herself facing a sinister force that threatens her existence.

The Invaders is half way through it’s festival circuit and already has an impressive 25 festival screenings so far, including the prestigious London Film Festival. We’ve also racked up a couple of nominations along the way including best lead actress!

TV & Film Reel

Stay tuned for a new and improved reel coming out soon!

Concerto in a Bottle- Comedy

Nico shows up at the door of a blind date, Ella.

Ella was set up by her mother and was just expecting another nice Jewish boy. Instead, a Latin lover straight off the cover of a romance novel shows up and comedy ensues.

Brooklyn Lager Commercial

For Brooklyn Lager's new label, Tomson Tee created a video exploring the many different, beautiful sides that make up Brooklyn.

Theatre Reel

Check out these two scenes, from Check Please by Jonathan Rand and 9 Parts of Desire by Heather Raffo.

9 Parts of Desire by Heather Raffo

9 Parts of Desire follows the stories of nine Iraqi women, one of them being Umm Ghada a mother who loses her child during a planned bombing of Amiriyah bomb shelter by the United States. She then becomes the caretaker of the site and serves as its guide. Umm Ghada makes it her singular life mission to tell the world what really had happened on that dark day.